Formulating Thoughts in a Foreign Language

english-language-dayTo learn a foreign language, students must adopt new ways of thinking. It’s even necessary to formulate thoughts using your new vocabulary to gain familiarity with these phrases. Although challenging, practice will help cement these skills and make them easier. Forming thoughts in a new language helps students adopt critical fluency skills. Although it’s common for students studying a foreign language to skip this process, this could delay learning significantly. A benefit of gaining these skills is that it’s possible to practice them virtually anywhere and anytime.

How To Do It

To begin these new thought processes, students need to make a conscious decision. By the time someone gets to an intermediate learning level, it’s definitely time to make their new language an integral part of life and thinking.

– As you work to learn a foreign language, begin describing things to yourself in the new language. For example, when you look around your surroundings, take a mental note of the items you see. Use vocabulary words you know to label items in your mind.

– Describe items in thought with adjectives. Describe color or size for items and appearance or moods for people.

– Work to increase the complexity of thoughts with new words and phrases as you learn them. Practicing more complex sentences is an effective way to gain more advanced skills.

– Make up pretend conversations in your mind. For example, you could imagine a conversation with you asking someone for directions or ordering a drink at a restaurant.

– Transition to verbalizing words and phrases as you think them to further cement the language.

To learn a foreign language successfully, students need to reach outside of their comfort zones and take chances. A little discomfort simply means that you are trying hard to use new vocabulary you have learned to communicate. With daily efforts, it’s possible to make huge strides in learning.

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