Practice Makes Perfect: Learning English Is Made Easier By Speaking Amongst Classmates & Friends

httpassets.cougar.nineentertainment.com_.auassetsTechLife201212052179learn-a-new-language-imagery.jpgFor most students, learning English in a classroom setting can be a great way to practice what they’ve learned about the language. Classrooms provide a supportive culture of learning, feedback, and collaboration, allowing students to make their way to a higher level of proficiency while building confidence and engraining good language learning habits.

Teacher-Led Conversations

Although speaking with a teacher who is fluent in your target language can initially seem unsettling, one of the best ways for learners to quickly gain confidence is through teacher-led conversations. These types of activities allow your instructor to listen in for correct pronunciation and give feedback in real time, which can help you improve your language fluency.

Student-Led Discussions

While the instructor can play a critical role in their students’ language development, it’s also important for students to interact with each other as well. Having low-key discussions in a safe environment can help build confidence, allowing students to become more comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas using English. Taking part in debates, role-play activities, topical discussions, or other types of conversations can also increase interest in a language, allowing students to engage with subjects and topics they enjoy.

Level-Appropriate Instructional Materials

Apart from speaking and verbalizing thoughts, English language courses or class materials such as books and magazines are great outlets for practicing your reading skills. Because your instructor ensures that your classroom materials are appropriate for your level, you can be sure that the readings aren’t difficult enough to frustrate you. In addition, most classroom textbooks and materials include interesting information about trends, culture, and more—which can help make learning English more fun.

While making the decision to learn a language is an important step, it’s also crucial to note the benefits of classroom instruction. With the help of your textbooks as well as your teachers and fellow students, you’ll be on your way to speaking English fluently in no time!

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