Stay Positive While Learning a Foreign Language

Photo Of Children In Class - American Language Communication CenterIn the beginning, you might struggle with feeling overwhelmed with your studies. As you wonder how to stay motivated when learning a language, you can utilize a few effective strategies that should keep you on task. The benefit of continuing motivation will be your overall success with the new language.

Explore What Drives You

People have different reasons for trying to learn a new language. Some people do it solely for the challenge or the personal enjoyment. This type of reasoning is considered internal because it only involves you and your sense of satisfaction. Most people experience a lasting drive to succeed with learning when they have an internal incentive. Other people have an external reason for learning. These situations can involve a career situation such as a raise or promotion. Students may also be working toward earning good grades or the prestige that comes with becoming fluent in another language. This type of inclination may be less permanent.

Finding the Positive

For struggling students, a common question is how to stay motivated when learning a language. Personal enjoyment is an important aspect of any project. A pursuit that lacks positive enjoyment will be hard to continue over the long term. This can be especially true for language acquisition. For this reason, many instructors strive to make their courses fun and interesting for students. You might also tie the studies with another area of your life that you enjoy. For example, if you like movies or books of a specific genre, view or read them in the new language. Look for ways to incorporate your studies into other areas of your life. Attend foreign lectures to force you to listen to and understand the verbiage.

Everyone has high and low points as they work toward a goal. Even as you wonder how to stay motivated when learning a language, just wondering about this issue means that you still care enough to persevere. Stay at it, and you will succeed!

Photo Credit:  Tanti Ruwani

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