Five Secrets to Learning a New Language as an Adult

8113710613_fe5a315954_zLearning a second language as an adult can sometimes be tricky. We don’t seem to pick up a new tongue as easily as children do. But, that doesn’t mean adult second language students are destined to struggle. Check out these five secrets to picking up a new language no matter how old you are.

Tailor It To You

We don’t all learn the same way, so some language education programs may not be the best fit for certain people. Adult ESL students or adult second language students should find a program that caters to their specific learning style. For some, that might mean a traditional classroom. For others, an audio program may be sufficient.

Write It Out

No matter how you learn best, it’s important to practice writing in a new language. By writing out key phrases or verb conjugations by hand, you’ll be able to memorize them more easily. Practice writing a little each day to pick up your new tongue as quickly as possible.

Learn From Multiple People

When you’re learning a new language, it helps to work with a variety of different teachers or people. That will give adult second language students an opportunity to really develop an appropriate accent because you’ll hear multiple people pronounce the words. If one teacher has an idiosyncrasy that affects his speech patterns, you’ll hear how other people actually say the word.

Don’t Just Stick To The Lessons

While formal lessons are the most crucial part of learning a second language as an adult, they shouldn’t be the only part of your education. Try having actual conversations with native speakers, but make sure they don’t slow down their speech to make it easy for you! Listen to music, watch films without subtitles, and read classic books in your new language. Many adult ESL students find that they pick up English quicker when they incorporate these kinds of pop culture elements in their education.

Photo Credit: Newman University

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