Tips for Choosing the Best Bilingual Dictionaries

When you want to learn a foreign language, you will need to learn both how to speak it and how to understand the spoken words of other people. Bilingual dictionaries can assist you with these learning activities. Several different types of dictionaries are available, so learn about each to decide which one fits your needs.Photo Of Bilingual Dictionaries - American Language Communication Center

Monolingual or Bilingual

A monolingual study guide will have all entries in only the foreign language. Both the entries and the definitions will be in a single language. Although useful, these guides are appropriate for only the advanced student who already possesses an in-depth understanding and recognition of many words. A beginner who does not grasp common words will not be able to use this guide.

A bilingual guide will have entries and definitions both in the foreign language and in your native language. These bi-directional entries will feature definitions that enable you to look up information in either your native tongue or the one you are trying to learn. These dictionaries are suitable for both beginner and advanced students.

Size of the Book

As you peruse various guides, you might feel partial to a smaller book that will fit in a purse or pocket. While this can be convenient for using while out and about, there are some limitations with these bilingual dictionaries. Small books will have limited entries and abbreviated information. Larger books will be more complete and have more detailed entries. Consider purchasing a large and detailed guide to keep at home for studying. You might also purchase an electronic version of the guide to use on a mobile device when you are out. Electronic versions can be informative and easy to use. Many of these guides even include voice pronunciations to help you say words correctly.

Peruse the many bilingual dictionaries available to choose the one that fits your learning needs.

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