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If you are wondering how to improve foreign language skills, there are some simple and inexpensive methods for enhancing both speaking and comprehension abilities. One easy way to increase vocabulary is with a system of labels. Use these small pieces of paper throughout your home by writing the names of common household objects.

Materials Needed

A self-adhesive notepad and a pen are the only materials you will need to utilize this labeling system in your home.

Making the Labels

Write down the names of some common objects throughout your home on sheets of the notepad. Affix each sheet directly onto the corresponding object. For example, you might place labels onto the refrigerator, the television, and a window.

Create a second label for each object. On the second label, you will write several sentences that contain the object word. These sentences should show how you would use the object or what you would do with it. For example, you might write, “I open the refrigerator,” “I watch the television,” and “I clean the window.”

Using the System

You may wonder how to improve foreign language skills with this system. As you see the objects, read the label to yourself in order to recall the name of the object in English. You might even read the sentences aloud as you see and use the objects. 

Expanding to Learn More

Place a third sheet from the notepad on each object, but leave this piece of paper blank. As you learn more words and increase your skills, add related words to your labeled objects (for example, “screen” or “button” might be a good additional label on your television). You can also add additional sentences that show how you would use the objects. For this step, you might want to invite the input of friends and family members who are familiar with the English language.

Exploring how to improve foreign language skills may seem daunting, but with practice every day, you can add to your understanding.

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