Important Habits For Learning English Successfully

10372928_10152053033087610_6277458336825382877_oYou will receive lots of valuable instruction and training when you attend ESL school. These lessons are an important part of the learning process. But, there are also other things you can do for successful study. Form good habits to help you become comfortable with speaking and understanding the English language.


Incorporate English into Fun

Studying is an important way to learn, but it’s also effective to spend time with the language as you engage in hobbies and activities you enjoy. For example, make yourself a promise that when you watch sports or read a magazine, you will do the activity in English instead of your native language. You may be surprised at how much you learn and remember when you combine your studies with other activities that you enjoy.


Watch and Listen in English

Whenever you listen to music or watch a show or a movie, choose English versions. Play these songs while you study your ESL school lessons. As you listen to the words in the background, you will begin to pick up a lot of phrasing without much effort. Watching movies or shows in English can help you learn pronunciation and speech styles that are common with native speakers. Pay attention to how conversations unfold, because these details are vital to your success.


Listen, Imitate, and Record

As you listen to another individual’s speech, imitate what you hear. Saying the words and phrases aloud is excellent practice for pronunciation and speech inflections. You might even record yourself and play back the recordings so you can hear your own speech. Save your recordings over time so you have a record of your progress.


Make Goals and Track Progress

One of the best ways to learn a new skill is by setting goals and tracking your progress as you work toward your ambition. Write down your plans and check off each item as you achieve it so you can see how you are working toward your objective.

You may find your efforts in ESL school will be less challenging when you make English a habit everywhere.


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