Five Ways to Learn English With Pop Culture

10460669_10152095866822610_7039547709667983822_oIf you’re looking for ways to supplement what you’re learning in your ESL courses, try music, movies, and Internet memes. Pop culture may seem silly and superficial, not to mention a time-waster for many Internet users. But as you know, people are addicted to pop culture because it is fun and entertaining, so why not take advantage in a way that aids in teaching and learning English?

1. Write a meme

Memes are photos with funny captions added; the most popular are shared over Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. Grumpy Cat is a common choice, but images from movies or TV shows are used, as well. Generally people use sites like MemeGenerator to create their captions, but you can also print out an image and try to come up with your own funny words.

2. Use lyric videos

Many music videos viewed online list the lyrics to the song. You and your classmates in your ESL courses can take turns reading along with the lyrics, then try to sing along without looking at the screen.

3. Sitcom vocabulary

Pick a TV sitcom and watch an episode in class, then discuss what the characters were doing. Make sure you use the new vocabulary words you learned.

4. Try Twitter

Twitter’s short 140-character limit is perfect to use with your ESL courses. Create a Twitter account to share with your classmates and write some tweets, then read any responses. You can even use the search function to find interesting tweets to read aloud or famous people to follow.

5. Play movie critic

Choose a film to discuss. Write a short review of the film, explaining what you liked or didn’t like about it. Discuss the film with your classmates and compare your reviews.

There are many ways to use pop culture to amplify what you’re learning in your ESL courses. Experiment, and have fun!


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