Tips for Knowing English Pronunciation Like a Pro

1150327_10151684576372610_310012717_nPractice is essential if you aim to become fluent in a new language. Although some aspects of English are basic and straightforward, there are challenges with this dialect. To learn English pronunciation, you will need to review the rules, study the exceptions, and practice until you are comfortable.


Learn New Words Correctly

As you add words to your vocabulary, make sure you are learning them correctly from the beginning. Learning a word incorrectly and having to change the way you say it later is much harder than learning it the right way the first time.


Watch Videos

Online videos can be very helpful for learning how to verbalize your vocabulary. Watch pronunciation videos frequently to improve your grasp of how to say various words.


Imitate Pronunciation

As you hear vocabulary spoken by native speakers, vocalize the words to practice them. The more you say words correctly, the better your grasp will be of these new phrases.


Make a Recording of Yourself

Record your speaking and then play it back to review what you said. Pay attention to your pronunciation, and compare it to native speakers to find areas where you could improve. Keep practicing with recordings to learn English pronunciation. As you make new recordings of your voice, you should notice big improvements.


Practice Daily

Daily practice is crucial for improving your speech. Spend at least 30 minutes every day watching videos, imitating what you hear, recording yourself, and listening to your speech. The more you speak, the more comfortable you will become.


Get an Evaluation

Request an evaluation with a professional teacher to get feedback on your speech. This professional can listen to your words and show you areas where you need to improve. You can also get feedback about your vocabulary strengths.

Learn English pronunciation like a pro. The more you practice aloud with others, the faster you will begin sounding like a native speaker.


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