English Second Language Study Tips: Create Good Habits

1800297_10151834102222610_129383870_nWhether you are working to learn basket weaving, bowling, or baking, practicing the skill is essential to success. As a student learning English as a Second Language (ESL), the same principle applies. Here are some ESL study tips to help you strengthen your language skills.

Read something every day. What you read can be your choice. You can select a newspaper, a book, or an article on the Internet. Reading should never be boring so pick a topic that interests you whether it’s sports, science, music, theater, or current events. Follow your passion and the reading will be much more enjoyable. Many newspapers and news sites (CNN, New York Times, Newsweek) use simple language while covering interesting, challenging topics. So find something that peaks your interest and start reading regularly.

Listen to the English language being spoken. You can practice by listening to the news on television, radio or the Internet. Watch English language television programs. Listening to audio books for adults or older children can also be excellent practice. Like reading, you should practice your language listening skills every day.

Write something each day. Maybe you have an English-speaking friend who would exchange emails with you so you can sharpen your skills. Or you could practice by writing in a diary or journal each day, describing your activities that day. Over time, look back at earlier entries and compare with what you know now and you may be encouraged by your progress.

Read aloud to improve your speaking skills. Find a friend who knows the language and is willing to listen and provide feedback. If no one is available, just read aloud to yourself.

Learn the lyrics to songs. Singing is a great way to practice your speaking, and because it is music, you should feel more relaxed while practicing. Make it part of your regular language routine.

The key is practice – every day – even if only for 15 minutes. With daily repetition, these ESL study tips will help you become more proficient and comfortable as an English language learner.


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