3 Pieces Of Advice For ESL Success

1511857_10151834143797610_843760962_oIt’s been said that English is one of the hardest languages to grasp, both phonetically and literally. Yet, at least 60 percent of the world’s developed population makes learning English a priority. Here are three fantastic pieces of advice for ESL students to follow in order to achieve success in learning English.


1: Set Daily And Weekly Goals


Plenty of ESL students are disillusioned after being enrolled in English classes for some time without any visible progress. Fluency in English may take years to cultivate. If you set daily or weekly goals for yourself outside of the course you are taking, meeting milestones will be an incentive for you to continue. Learn to speak a new sentence correctly each week, for instance. Add one new English word or phrase to your vocabulary daily. These goals will translate into visible progress, and they might help you accelerate your learning.


2: Record Yourself Speaking English.


The best way to pinpoint your own errors when speaking English is to listen to yourself talk. Your teacher may be great at pointing out your weaknesses, but your mind doesn’t always register the errors, especially when made during actual conversations. Record yourself repeating phrases or reading in English to start. Gradually, you may want to try recording actual conversations you have with friends. Be sure to play back your recordings to measure your progress and work on mistakes you make consistently.


3: Learn To Love The Culture.


The most obvious piece of advice for ESL students is cultural immersion. Learning English as a Second Language can be discouraging at times. When you hit roadblocks in your course and you face your weaknesses with the language in general, the will to progress might no longer be as strong. To excel in learning English, it helps to be passionate about the American culture. Watch TV and immerse yourself in the culture online. Find some aspects about it that you especially like and can connect with. This may be a certain TV show, a celebrity, or even a set of customs. You can rely on these things you’ve grown to love and know when ESL burnout is in full swing.


Plenty of other strategies can contribute to your success as an ESL student, but the advice described above can give you a unique and effective edge in your studies. Progress with making and achieving language goals, listening to yourself speak, and cultural immersion can also make learning English that much more fun.


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