4 Things to Expect from Great ESL Teachers

1606994_10151834155342610_4794829_nIf you’re looking to learn English, there’s no better resource than ESL teachers. Most are dedicated to helping students learn English and are highly effective in doing so. If you want to find the right instructor for you, here are four things you should look for.


1. Training. Your educator should be educated in the area you need help in most: learning English as a Second Language. Ideally, they should be certified to teach this area, or they should at least have classroom experience and be educated on best practices.


2. Culturally adept. ESL teachers should always be understanding of and welcoming to students of differing cultural backgrounds. Students who feel like they’re a welcome part of the classroom community are more likely to do well within that community. They will also feel more comfortable engaging in conversation with their peers and native speakers. Teachers should learn the traditions of all their students to gain a better understanding of their educational and cultural backgrounds.


3. Relationship builders. Teachers should be able to build a trusting and comfortable relationship with their students. It’s proven that educators who care about the people they’re teaching have a greater impact on students than those who don’t. In the case of ESL, pupils who have an instructor who cares learn English more completely and at a quicker pace.


4. Lesson planning. The best second language trainers will have lesson plans and classroom management techniques in place in order to manage their classrooms efficiently and effectively. Lessons that are meaningful will help students make greater project than those that rely too much on rote memorization or lack a clear purpose.


All of these qualities are important to have in the ESL teachers you learn from. Without these features, your learning process could be slowed and you could begin to feel frustrated with the process. Above all else, you should feel comfortable with and trust in people who will guide you through your English education.


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