There’s an App for That: Learn English With a Click

1800223_10151834142507610_65362727_nFor many of us, smartphones have become like handy assistants. Whether we rely on Siri to find a nearby restaurant or consult a reminder app to remember our daily tasks, it’s clear that having a smartphone in hand when you’re on the go can make life a little easier. This is especially true for those learning English as a Second Language. There are plenty of ESL mobile apps on the market that allow you to learn quickly and effectively outside of the classroom. Here’s how the competition is stacking up:



Anyone learning English knows that there’s always a new word to learn, and Vocabla makes sure each word is ingrained in your memory with useful flashcards and multiple-choice tests. What sets this app apart is your ability to create personal vocabulary lists and progress from beginner to advanced phases. As an added bonus, this app offers progress stats so that you can gauge just how well you’re doing and where you may need a little more work.


SpeakingPal English Tutor

If you’re interested in ESL mobile apps that make learning interactive and upbeat, look no further than SpeakingPal. Each lesson is just 5 minutes long, making it the perfect app for busy students. With perks like speech recognition and video call simulations, this is the closest you’ll get to in-person practice.


Word Bingo

Why not turn learning into a game? At Word Bingo, you can practice your reading and spelling with this app’s four innovative games. Oftentimes, learning a new language can seem boring and repetitive, but Word Bingo keeps you on your toes and almost makes you forget you’re working on your language skills. You’ll be tested on over 300 words and receive a supplemental report card showing you top scores and motivating you onward!


English is known as one of the most challenging languages to learn, so don’t make it any harder on yourself! Instead, rely on various ESL mobile apps to make your learning adventure more engaging and enjoyable.


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