Get Around On Public Transportation While Learning English In New York

10991681_10152570707677610_4563102526383700551_oDo you have a fear of getting lost in one of the largest cities in the world simply because you are still learning the native language? It can be scary learning how to ride public transit while also learning English in New York City. However, if you follow these tips, you will learn how to ride public transit as easily as the natives do.

Get Familiar

First, you need to familiarize yourself with the different modes of transportation, and how to refer to them in English and the local dialect. The are several ways to get around New York. You can get almost anywhere on the subway, or as the locals call it, “the train.” If you are learning English in New York City, these are distinctions you need to know, so you don’t confuse the subway with the railroad.

Fares, Schedules, and Systems

You should have no problems looking up the fares and schedules for trains and buses once you have mastered numerals. Many languages even use the same number system with different names for the numerals. However, if the symbols for numerals in your native language are different than those used in English, consider learning these before you do anything further.

Afterward, research the details, such as: how subway tokens and bus transfers work, whether there are local and express bus services, and if there are on- and off-peak trains.

Learn Simple Transit Phrases, Directions, and Street Names

Make sure you are able to ask, “How do you get to (blank)?” and recognize phrases used in public transit like, “take the bus” and “wait for the train.” Mastering the present tense of a verb and being able to conjugate it will help immensely.

For example:

– I ride
– You ride
– He rides
– She rides
– We ride
– They ride

Also, learn to read and write major street names in your neighborhood and identify names of buildings, landmarks, and community destinations in case you need to ask directions or ask someone which subway or bus to take.

Getting around while learning English in New York City can be an interesting experience. Whether by taxi, bus, train, or subway, as an ESL student, you will quickly learn many new words and phrases just by traveling.

Photo Credit: ALCC American Language

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