Conversation Starters for New English Speakers

2181245226_2b749cab1b_zStriking up a conversation with a stranger can be an excellent way to develop and hone your language skills. You might be comfortable talking with your English teacher, but you will reach a point where it is time to move past your comfort zone and learn how to speak with other people, too.

Learning conversational English is a process that involves daily discussions about current subjects. These topics of discussion might not be the most scintillating or exciting, but you will learn vocabulary that helps you hold your own in any dialogue.

A variety of situations can present themselves throughout a day in which you could reach out and connect with other people around you. While standing in line for coffee, sitting on a bus, choosing vegetables in a produce section, or picking your child up from school, you will often have a moment or two when you could engage in simple chit-chat with someone else. You might even find that you make new friends with your expanded skills.

Make a list of small talk to use in various situations for conversational English. Here are a few general suggestions

– Talking about the weather is usually an easy way to open dialogue. Make mention of the heat, the cold, the wind, or the rain to someone standing near you in public. Complaining about the outdoor conditions often bonds people together as they commiserate about unpleasant weather conditions.

– Current events can often break the ice and start a conversation. Mention an event that happened locally, nationally, or internationally and discuss it briefly with a stranger.

– Offering a positive comment about someone’s baby or child is usually an easy way to strike up a discussion. Exclaiming about a cute baby or an engaging child’s disposition usually goes over well with strangers.

Learning English doesn’t have to be boring or tedious if you get out there and talk it up with strangers.

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