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11133922_10152651043007610_6011369199239976189_oWho says learning a new language has to be boring? English as a second language can be a lot of fun when you use games and activities. You can use games to practice English in class or on your own time. Sometimes, playing a game to practice a new language is easier than just studying a lesson. Here, you will learn about some of the best games for learning English as a second language.

Call My Bluff

You can play this in class or with your friends. The game is simple: write three statements about yourself in English. Two of them should be lies and one should be true. Your friends can ask you many questions in order to guess which statement is true and which ones are lies.


Ask a friend to think about a word and to write one long dash for every letter of that word. Guess the word letter by letter. For every wrong letter, the person who thought of the word will draw a part of the “hangman” until the hanging man is complete or someone guesses the word. This is a great way to practice spelling any words learned at your English as a second language class!


Get together with your friends and divide into two teams. Choose words from a hat and have a member of the team draw that word so his or her team can guess the word. The team that guesses the most words wins!

Online Games

Besides traditional games, there are plenty of free games and apps you can use on your computer or mobile device. Try games that encourage you to practice vocabulary and that challenge you at every level. The best thing about these types of games is that you can learn on your own whenever you have free time. Some of the most popular apps to learn English include MindSnacks, Memrise, Mosalingua, and Duolingo. In addition, some popular online games to learn English are Power Words, Funbrain Words, Game Zone, and Grammar Ninja.

The most important thing to remember is that learning English as a second language takes time, dedication, and a lot of practice. Luckily, learning English can be a lot of fun too!

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