How to Practice English from Reading Newspapers

Photo-of-New-York-Times-LearnEnglishALCCNewspapers such as the New York Times are written concisely, directly and clearly, making it the perfect opportunity to learn and practice English. In fact, the news can turn out to be your own personal tutor. Additionally, language makes more sense when you can relate to it from real life issues. News is always current and so it is best to learn the language from the context of it ‘being relatable,’ and not by just improving your vocabulary. When you are aware of what is going on in the news by reading English from a newspaper, you will be able to speak to other English natives.

Read at Your Level

Ideally helpful to learners of the English language is a weekly column that the New York Times runs called the Learning Network. The stories are transcribed in a way that you can easily understand. After you finish reading a story, you can take the quiz on word selection and punctuation. BBC also makes reading newspapers easy by offering Words in the News where commentators read out a list of important words and then provide the stories related to those words so you can follow along. These words can be challenging. Therefore, you may have to go over the words before taking the quiz.

Read from Quality News Sources

It is best to search for news sources that provide clarity in writing. This means that you should look for concise and declarative sentences with a subject-verb pattern. The story should be as easy to read as the title. USA Today, for example, has a direct writing style to help language learners like you. Find news sources that have a diverse culture among the staff because these stories will come from a variety of viewpoints. One such news source is the Guardian newspaper.

News You Love

It is also important that you read news that you love. For example, if you are a sports enthusiast, there are online news sources like ESPN that offer full coverage of your favorite game. It will be easier to follow along. This allows you to practice English at your own pace and making it fun. American Language Communication Center also makes it fun practicing and reading English.

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