The Origins of Different English Dialects

Photo-of-origins-english-dialect-LearnEnglishALCCEnglish is the primary language spoken in the United States, but due to the size of the country, there are distinct differences in the way people speak the language. For this reason, foreign students may find it challenging to interpret the different dialects of the English language, unless they are being taught by an established institution. It is important to learn English in an environment that focuses on the pronunciation rules, vocabulary, grammar, and common expression of each unique dialect. Therefore, you should understand what a dialect means, its history and the way other people speak in different regions.

What Is A Dialect?

A dialect is a specific form of a single language that is unique to a certain area of the country or to a specific social group. The way that people speak also hinges on upbringing. With more than 300 million people in the nation from varying ethnicities, it’s no wonder there is such a diverse culture of dialects. Historically and geographically, a dialect tells you where someone came from and their ancestral connection.

Where Did All Of Our Dialects Come From?

It was during the latter part of the modern era that America, being liberated from Britain in 1783, established its dominant influence on the world. Since that moment, America has remained open to immigrants. The infusion of immigrants to the United States during the latter part of the 19th century led to a wellspring of new dialects throughout various regions.

How Do We Define Dialects Now?

Geography became an easy way to define dialects as immigrants settled into different areas. As a result, the speech of one local area proved to be distinctively different from another. The dialects of neighboring communities are usually not much different, but as you travel further out of the area, the dialect will be more distinguished.

Learn English

There are differences between dialects spoken nationwide, and the number of dialects is only growing. If you want to understand and learn English in all its many forms, it is best to seek help from experienced educators that know the different dialects of the English language. The team at American Language Communication Center would love to help!


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