Another Reason to Learn English in NYC – the Holiday Season

When it comes to learning English, there are a variety of great choices of schools scattered across the United States. Of course, thanks to the city’s attractions, venues, history, and beauty, many exchange students only want to learn English in New York City. With a range of unique holiday traditions put on by the city that never sleeps, there’s nowhere better to study and to live.

It’s important, of course, that you at least know the basics of communication in English, or some of the fun will be lost. However, visiting a range of holiday destinations and venues throughout the city will encourage you to use your verbal and comprehension skills in new and exciting ways. It’s entirely possible – and very fun – to learn English in New York just by taking advantage of the city’s activities during the holiday season.


If you enjoy shopping, browse the famous holiday windows at popular stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue, which draw thousands of visitors each day. The store windows are decorated each year to tell stories and craft beautiful displays. Alternately, there are always a variety of holiday markets, including the one at Union Square and the Artists and Fleas at Chelsea Market. These shopping opportunities are great ways to practice your comprehension and fluency. Try interacting with the shopkeepers, asking questions, and browsing the trendy selection.

Rockefeller Center

For students interested in the classic New York Christmas, there’s no better place to find it than at Rockefeller Center. This is a quintessential winter experience for most New Yorkers, and it will allow you to learn and try out an entirely new vocabulary as you skate across the ice or try a meal at the nearby cafes. In addition, if you arrive early enough, you can even watch the famed Tree-Lighting Ceremony, complete with musical stars and celebrity performances.


With the convenience of a guided tour, you can take in all of the best sights of the city with a helpful and friendly guide. If you’re trying to learn English in New York City, this may be one of the best ways to do it: listening to your English-speaking tour guide will help you test your comprehension, and you may even be able to ask for an additional list of great ideas for activities from a local.


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