3 Myths Holding You Back From Learning a Second Language

There’s no way around it: learning English is difficult. As you grow older, it feels less feasible to attain fluency in a second language, especially with so many myths swirling around about how hard it is. Let’s debunk some of these myths so that you can pursue your ambition to learn English without fear.

Myth #1: You’re Too Old to Learn

It’s said that a second language isn’t worth pursuing once you’ve reached your twenties. The fear is that you’ve been speaking your native tongue for too long, making it harder to pick up a new vernacular. Though it’s certainly tougher to get started as an adult, you certainly haven’t missed the bilingual boat. Most programs are geared towards adult students, with curricula that take into account your learning patterns. Instructors will work with you from the perspective of your native language, helping you build English skills off the linguistic foundation you already have.

Myth #2: You Can Attain Fluency Overnight

This myth offends common sense: anything worth learning and mastering is going to take time. Certain programs and software may promise almost instant fluency, but those striving to learn English will have to put in time and be patient. A good program will help you master speech, reading comprehension, and writing. You’ll be able to take courses in practical speech, business English, or even creative writing, giving you a profound knowledge of the language. Mastering English should be done right, not in one night.

Myth #3: Translation Technologies Are Good Enough

With translation tools on our phones and laptops, it seems less essential to actually study a new tongue these days. You might give up on learning and fall back on these tools, which seem more convenient. But this would be a mistake: a translation tool can’t teach you the nuances of a language the way good instruction can. Google can’t translate sarcasm or other inflections – you have to actually learn English to gain an ear for these features. Besides, who wants to spend half of every conversation typing words into their smartphone?

Don’t let myths deter you. It’s definitely a challenge to learn English, but it’s one that will enrich your life and your work for years to come.


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