Discover Surprising Benefits of Learning a Second Language

International students that come to the United States to learn English are opening the doors to great opportunities. After learning English, you’ll have better communication skills and more job opportunities. Studies conducted in Scotland show people who learn a different language will challenge their minds and stand to increase intelligence abilities.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh conducted a study to learn whether learning second languages could impact intelligence abilities later in life. The study was conducted with 835 children who were all fluent in English. Test subjects were all born and lived in the Edinburgh, Scotland region. The first intelligence test was given to participants who were 11 years of age in 1947.

The same test subjects were given another intelligence test again when they reached their early seventies. Tests were conducted over a two-year period and were concluded in 2010. The amazing findings of the study revealed that participants who had learned a second language since taking the first intelligence test had much higher cognitive abilities.

The study also concluded that it did not matter whether people learned second languages as children or older adults. Colleagues who conducted the tests believe this is an important step to understanding second language benefits affecting our minds as we age. This is a wonderful example of how you could benefit when you decide to learn English as a second language.

Study results show the biggest improvements in reading and general intelligence. Other intelligence qualities can include understanding, remembering, reasoning and thinking.

A similar study was conducted in 2013 on bilingual people. The results revealed a startling discovery. Those who spoke at least two languages were less likely to experience a decline of mental abilities as early as those who only spoke one language. On average, the people speaking two languages did not lose some of their mental capabilities for another 4.5 years. This is wonderful news for anyone concerned about Alzheimer’s disease.

International students who decide to learn English can converse with more people and increase mental performance. This is a pretty good deal for just a bit more studying.


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