Benefits of Being Bilingual in NYC

Learning a second language is no longer the passing hobby of bored housewives or the requirement of graduation for disgruntled high schoolers. More and more people are recognizing the benefits of becoming bilingual, especially in a large metropolitan area like New York City. If you have not yet studied a second language, here are a few reasons why you should consider it:

Improve Communications

Becoming bilingual will help you better communicate with coworkers, shop owners, and potential friends you meet. English is the most spoken language in the world in over 115 countries! Other ethnic groups are growing in the great melting pot of a city, so learning other languages can prove helpful, as well.

Expand Business Opportunities

Today’s economy is rooted in a global marketplace. If you want to be competitive in your business, you need to know a second language. Learning English will help you do business in any field and in a vast number of countries. Knowing a second language can make you a more attractive job candidate, and it can help be a more effective manager or business owner.

Enhance Intelligence

Recent studies have shown that learning a second language can actually make you smarter. The process of learning a second language can improve executive function and problem solving ability. You won’t just become better at speaking another language; you’ll become better at learning and at doing a wide variety of other things.

Learning a second language is not longer a passion project. It’s an imperative for many of us if we want to live in and compete in an increasingly global society — especially in a fast-changing place like New York City.


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