If You’re Studying English, You’ve Got to Learn Internet Slang, Too

Any student who is working to learn English knows that it is a multi-faceted process. You study in the classroom, but then you put those skills to work and strive to grow them out in the real world. That might include having a part-time job, working with a volunteer organization, and interacting with both native and non-native speakers. But one thing that is a big part of just about everybody’s lives these days is the World Wide Web.

As a society, we spend hours perusing social media profiles and pages, reading news stories, and watching videos on our computers and smart phones. This is more than entertainment, it’s a chance for language learners to grow their vocabulary, practice their reading skills, and also work on their own writing abilities as they learn English. It only takes a few minutes online to realize that there are a huge number of Internet slang terms and abbreviations. If you want to become a member of these interactive communities and truly understand what is being said online, you’ll have to know these key items:

LOL – Laughing out Loud

You’ll usually see this in response to a joke or when someone is writing about a funny situation. However, LOL can also mean Lots of Love.

YOLO – You Only Live Once

This phrase is often used jokingly, as in to justify eating a big box of donuts since you only live once. When used in a more serious way, someone might say they have to take that big vacation or embark on a new adventure since they may never have an opportunity like this again.

And here are a few quick abbreviations that are straight to the point:

IDK – I Don’t Know

BRB – Be Right Back

OMG – Oh My Gosh

BTW – By The Way

As you learn English, you’ll quickly start seeing and hearing these expressions online. Before you know it, you’ll be using phrases like these for yourself!


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