How You Can Make Videos to Practice Your English Skills

No matter what the topic at hand is, if you’re a student, one of the greatest challenges is staying interested and focused on the subject matter. If you’re a student working to learn English as a second language, you have an incredible challenge ahead of you. Not only do you have to study, study, study, but you also have to find ways to improve constantly. It’s not enough to simply memorize a robust vocabulary. A lot of work goes into learning how to speak the language strongly, correctly, and with confidence.

There are countless ways to practice your skills. If you like using media and interactive methods, there are plenty of new options. You can practice your skills using social media or downloadable apps, which enable you to play and have a little fun while studying. Making videos is one tool that few students take advantage of while working to learn English. With movie editing essentials available on just about every home computer, and apps like iMovie available for $10 or less, there’s no reason you can’t make the video production process an educational one.

If you’re new to the idea of making a video, keep things simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated! Record yourself, then watch the footage to take note of words, tenses, or pronunciations you clearly struggled with. Identify those areas and work to improve them over the course of a few weeks, and then go through the same exercise again. Do you see improvement?

Next, you can work on making your own short movie. This will encourage you to interact with others around you. Some students even decide to host a weekly vlog, which is a blog made up of video posts. You can send updates to family and friends back home to show them the progress you’ve made as you learn English in the United States! You can even add subtitles in your native language to further practice your skills and to ensure everyone back home will enjoy your video updates!


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