Tips To Practice English During Summertime in NYC

New York City is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world. Whether you are a student attending school in the Big Apple or you are just spending the summer in the city, there are a number of ways you can practice English during your stay. New York is made up of people from a number of backgrounds. You will find people speaking Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, and a number of other languages. But as diverse as the city is, English is still the most dominant language spoken, so consider a few different ways to hone in on your communicating skills during your stay this summer.

The best way to develop your skills is to just get out of the house everyday! When walking around out on the street with people, you are bound to have a few positive interactions. Living in a big city means communicating with its residents, so you will have plenty of opportunities to practice English throughout your day. The city’s diversity creates a prosperous and tolerant atmosphere for learning.

Because of its population, NYC also offers a variety of programs to help people develop their English speaking skills. The Big Apple houses some of the most prestigious institutions and learning centers in the country that are focused on helping students gain a mastery of the language. Regardless of your skill-level, you have an array of opportunities to get better everyday.

New York City is a hub for the arts and all things of cultural significance. For example, the city is home to hundreds of movie theaters that screen films from all over the world. If you are looking for a fun and interesting way to learn English, go see a film! New York City gets an array of interesting movies that you cannot see in other parts of the country. You can watch a film that is in English, or you can see a movie that is in your native language, but features subtitles. Plus, seeing a film in a movie theater is a great excuse to escape the sweltering NYC summer heat!


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