Tastes Good! Tips for Learning English by Cooking.

If you’re trying to learn English, you may find that you get bored with the traditional study material. While it’s important to read textbooks and complete assignments, it’s also critical that you find ways to make language learning fun. If you like to spend time in the kitchen, why not put your hobby to good use? With a little patience and the right approach, cookbooks make the perfect aid in learning English!


First, make sure you start with simple recipes. It is a good rule of thumb to select a cookbook that features recipes that have five ingredients or less. The number of steps involved should also be limited to about five or fewer. If you choose something too complicated, you may get overwhelmed and abandon the project halfway through it. Have a dictionary handy at all times so that you can look up words that you don’t know as you work your way through the recipe.


Choose a time when you aren’t stressed and are not in a rush so that you can enjoy the experience. Prepare in advance by looking at the ingredient list and getting everything you need so that you won’t have to run out and make a purchase at the last minute. Make it even more fun by inviting over a friend or classmate to celebrate what you’ve made. Turn it into a weekly event and you’ll have something to look forward to each week. This fun approach gives you a chance to learn English in an environment that’s completely different than the classroom.


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