Tips on Using Podcasts to Learn English

As anyone who studies a second language knows, half the battle is finding ways to make studying enjoyable so that you can incorporate it into your everyday life. One idea every language student should consider is listening to podcasts. These audio broadcasts cover nearly every topic imaginable and give you the chance to practice English in a variety of ways. You’ll put your listening skills to the test, grow your vocabulary, and gain valuable exposure when you use podcasts to advance your skills. Follow these helpful tips to get started:

Choose short podcasts to start.
Program lengths run the gamut from five minutes to an hour long. Choose shorter podcasts at the beginning so that you’re not overwhelmed and are able to listen through the entire piece.


Be conscious of American versus British broadcasts.
If you’ve decided to learn English, it’s important to note the differences between British and American styles. Choose podcasts that use the style you’re learning in the classroom.


Select a tone you enjoy.
There is virtually no limit to the types of podcasts available. There are comedic shows about pop culture, politically charged shows that focus on current events, and others that address hobbies. Pick one that discusses a topic you enjoy and uses a tone you find interesting so that you’ll be inclined to keep listening.


Advance other skills while listening.
Listening to podcasts can provide you with valuable information in addition to aiding you in your goal to learn English. For example, you could learn about how to write your resume in a second language, the basics of business etiquette, and other relevant topics that will help you advance in the workplace or in other areas of your life.

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