Read English to Learn English

Want to learn English as a second language? The best way to succeed in your goal is to read the language. Read English everyday and as much as possible. Immerse yourself in it. By reading English, you start to understand sentence structure, grammar, context, meanings of words, and so much more. Here at ALCC, we understand, however, that you might not always have the time to read a lengthy book, which is why we offer a shorter solution: Magazines that will help. Without further ado, here is a list of five popular magazines to help practice English.


1) Just English Magazine – This periodical offers a wide range of topics, everything from tips on cooking to articles on sports, to help you practice English. It even offers worksheets to help prepare for your English exam and a list of words to try and pronounce, speak and use in everyday speech. Check this one out.


2) Learn English Magazine – This magazine is simply “For the Love of English.” It features stories that delve into culture, music, and communication. One article, for instance, examines if video games are good for you and examines the science behind it. You’ll even be exposed to writing character analysis essays. Find it at


3) The English Magazine – In this magazine, students of English get access to content specifically written for them. Stories on adventure? Check. Heath? Yes. Crime. Yes again.


4) Language Magazine – Learn all about famous people in history, environmental issues such as global warming, engaging information on biotechnology and more.


5) People Magazine – This one is a pop culture magazine that you can find virtually anywhere, in any newsstand. Even at the grocery store! To learn English, this magazine will help you keep track of pop culture and offers short snippets of news that provide a basis for conversation with native English speakers.


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