Four Considerations for Choosing an ESL Course That’s Right for You

Learning English as a second language is a rewarding and challenging endeavor. Students who are serious about mastering English will want to consider enrolling in an ESL course. While there are many tools available to help students practice and develop their skills, nothing can replace the instruction offered by a reputable language program. When looking at ESL courses, students will quickly realize that the number of options available is quite large. There are a number of factors to consider ensuring each student ends up with a program that will help him or her succeed.

Location – There is nothing like immersion when learning a new language. If you want to learn English, think about whether or not you’ll be able to move to a location where English is the local language. If so, you’ll receive the added benefit of reading, hearing, and practicing it outside of the classroom.

Price – Consider your budget when looking at different programs. Remember to factor in things like books and other supplies, plus living expenses if you’ll be moving away from home to study.

Class Size – Many students thrive in a more intimate setting where there is a smaller teacher-student ratio. If a program you like has a larger classroom setting, make sure you’ll be getting the individual support you need through tutoring or supplemental activities. Every program is different, so research each one online as you make your decision.

Curriculum – No two curriculums are the same. Some focus more heavily on independent study, while others may place emphasis on conversation exercises or group activities. Visit the websites for each of the ESL courses you’re interested in to learn more about their approach and to get detailed information about the curriculum for each of them.


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