Three Smartphone Apps That Make It Fun To Practice And Learn English

Most students who are enrolled in a program to learn English are looking for ways to supplement their studies. Smartphone apps are the perfect way to fit in extra study time throughout the day. Those who work can fit in a quick vocabulary session during a lunch break, and commuters can build their skills while on the subway. Many of these apps are free, making them even more appealing to students. Here are three apps we’ve found that are definitely worth checking out.

Practice English Grammar

With so many features, it’s hard to believe this app is free. It features more than 1,000 questions, 750 flashcards, and over 100 games. Users can choose from over 20 topics, ranging from conjunctions to passive voice to pronouns, and more. They frequently make updates to improve this robust application.

TOEFL Prep TestBank!

Students who are striving to ace their TOEFL exam will appreciate this useful application. It has more than 1,100 exam questions and answers, but the best feature is that all the answers are explained, so users learn why each answer is correct. Progress is tracked so that users can see how well they’re doing and can strive for perfection while they learn English.

Vocabulary HD

This application focuses on building vocabulary. There are five levels, from simple to advanced, and it comes in both free and paid versions. One excellent feature is that it shows users alternate words with similar meanings, so you’ll learn about synonyms as well as the primary words.


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