Books As Teachers – Reading To Study English

Students who study English as a second or foreign language start their journey by reading English grammar and pronunciation books. To take learning even further, reading strictly English written books along side with a translation can help people quickly learn the language. is one of the best places to find recommended books for learning English. With an abundance of choices, someone who wants to study English cannot go wrong. Some books written to help people study English are written by non-native speakers, which means they can hold many mistakes and at times lack authenticity. To avoid this, it is recommended to choose a variety of books, rounding out the student’s education. A very popular duo that has written numerous English grammar books for native speakers and those learning the language are Betty Azar and Stacy A. Hagan. Any book written by them is essentially gold. As far as speaking goes, students who want to study English as a second language should look into obtaining audio books or book that come with a CD, like many of Betty Azar’s and Stacy A. Hagan’s.

Those wanting to learn how to read without following a textbook or something similar can start by reading children’s books. Along side the book, the student should keep a translation book to look up words that are complicated. This is one way someone can learn grammar rules and how to write. For the more advanced, it may be time to move on to English classics. The wording may be complicated and archaic, but it the best way to see how the language works formally. Again, keep a translation book nearby to look up complicated words. Some words may not exist or may require the reader to look up another language for words or phrases.


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