How Students Can Prepare For The TOEFL Exam

Learning English is a rewarding and challenging experience that many foreign students take on in order to get into their desired college or university. In order to be considered for acceptance, most schools require that foreign students obtain a minimum score on the TOEFL exam. The preparation process for the TOEFL exam takes a lot of dedication and hard work. The following pointers will help you properly prepare for the test.

Learn The Format

The exam is divided into four sections. Each section measures your ability in a critical area of the English language, including reading, listening, speaking, and writing. 30 points can be earned in each section, meaning 120 is the highest achievable score. ETS is the organization behind the exam, so you may find it helpful to visit their website to learn more about the testing format.


You’ll need to give yourself plenty of time for practice. Most experts recommend a period of between eight and 12 months of intensive study before taking the exam. During this timeframe you’ll need to practice your reading, writing, and speaking skills on a daily basis. You’ll also need to develop your listening and comprehension skills.


The TOEFL exam is taken using a standard English keyboard, which is called a QWERTY keyboard. Practice using it and getting familiar with the location of all the keys. Without proper practice, you will feel uncomfortable or unprepared on the day of the test.

Preparing for this test is not an endeavor you’ll want to take on alone. Be sure to use this preparation information and to practice good study habits when getting ready to take the exam.