Free Resources To Study English

Those who want to study English will be happy to know there is a plethora of free resources to learn the language. Although searching for these sites through a search engine may be the first idea, it can become overwhelming with the amount of information out there.

One place beginners through advanced learners should study English is On this free site, beginners can take the first steps into their new language with ABC’s and numbers. It continues with different quizzes, how to use verbs and their tenses, and anything else needed to learn the foundations. It continues to another page on the site called Continued Learning, where the foundations are expanded. The site even offers a section of business English for those wanting to learn for work.

Another site that offers large amounts of information for your learning experience is Learn English Online. They break down lessons into units, totaling 12 units and 56 lessons in all. As the student continues to learn, there are guides on how to improve even further, which can be read any time during the lessons. Like a teacher, they encourage the reader throughout their studies and give tips on how to become even better than before.

Those who study English can get off their computers and focus on the go as well. One of the ways to learn a new language is via pictures. With the English Picture Dictionary app, learning from pictures is possible. Users have various lessons to download as they progress through their learning. Learners can match the picture to the word, match the word to the picture, or write the word matching the picture.

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