Making Film Part Of Your ESL Learning Experience

New York City is known for its vibrant art scene, including the presence of some truly incredible theaters and film festivals. Students who are in NYC as part of their ESL learning experience have the unique opportunity to incorporate film into their program.

The first way to incorporate film into your ESL learning plan is to visit some local cineplexes and watch movies in English. You may be able to find a theater that has subtitles in your native language, which is a good introductory step for most beginners. A lot of students start by watching buzzworthy blockbusters on the big screen. Watching these types of movies lets you enjoy local pop culture. To supplement the experience, you can watch the movie’s stars give interviews on daytime talk shows or read a magazine article about the movie.

There are a lot of movies to watch that may feature more advanced plot lines or dialogue, too. Try checking out some smaller venues that play independent films, or watch a documentary to learn more about an important topic that’s in the news. Some theaters play classic movies that were produced 30 or more years ago as well.

If you enjoy the film scene, learn about upcoming film festivals. The New York Film Festival at the Lincoln Center and an outdoor festival at the American Museum of the Moving Image are just two of the many events held each year. These events are in need of volunteers, so see if you can get more involved in a hands-on way if you have some free time.

ESL learning outside of the classroom is an important part of your educational experience. Have fun visiting different theaters, watching movies, and even getting involved in film-related events to supplement your NYC English education!

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