Three Unique Benefits to Learning English

Learning English is a great challenge that takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Students know it’s worth it, though, because of the many benefits they’ll enjoy throughout that journey and in the end. By learning English, they are making themselves more marketable on the job scene and increasing the odds for career advancement or acceptance into a prestigious university.


While these are all wonderful reasons to learn and conquer a new language, there are other reasons that are frequently overlooked. Here are three unique benefits you may not have considered:


Understanding Music Lyrics

Music is all around us, from radio stations to dance clubs to shopping centers. Some of the most popular music in the world comes from the United States, including everything from Top 40 hits to jazz. As you’re learning English, you’ll be able to understand more and more of the words that make up the music all around you.


Enjoying Movies Without Subtitles

The world’s largest blockbuster films come from Hollywood. While subtitles and voiceovers make it possible for almost anyone to enjoy them, it’s inevitable that some of the actors’ performances gets lost in translation. Viewers who are busy reading subtitles miss out on some of the action, too. When you’ve conquered English you’ll be able to skip the subtitles and voiceovers and see American-made movies in their original format.


Active On Social Media

Nearly everyone, from individuals to big companies to celebrities, is active on social media. Using your strong language skills, you’ll be able to follow anyone you want and enjoy their posts. You’ll also be able to join in on the conversation and even make new online friends.

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