Three Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an ESL School

When looking at the options available for an ESL school where you can study in the United States, there are quite a few relevant considerations that you’ll be thinking about. You will want to know about their experience, read reviews from former students, and learn about their student success rates. Beyond these factors, there are some other key points you may overlook. The ESL school location, housing options, and their approach to TOEFL exam preparation should all factor into your decision as well.



Where the school is located is important because you’ll only be spending a fraction of time in the classroom. The rest of the time you’ll be out exploring the local area, putting your English skills to practice. The location should offer you lots of exposure to the language and plenty of opportunities to practice and grow your skills.



Where you will live is another part of the equation you’ll need to plan before your move. Does the ESL school offer rooms or have an agreement in place for local housing? Can students easily get between the classroom and their home via public transportation or on foot? Get answers to these questions so you’ll know a little about where you will be living if you choose to enroll there.


TOEFL Preparation

The school’s approach to TOEFL preparation is a critical factor to consider. Most students who move to the U.S. to study English are doing so because they must pass the TOEFL exam in order to advance academically or in their career. Make sure the organization you choose has a comprehensive program that prepares its students for the exam, instead of just focusing on one area of language learning.

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