3 Ways to Stay Motivated While Learning a Foreign Language

As any student who is learning English knows, there are days when you feel excited about your knowledge, and then there are other days when you may feel negative or down. It’s important not to give up at times like this, and instead re-energize yourself so you can get excited about learning English. Here are 3 ways you can stay motivated during difficult or frustrating times.


1) Remind yourself why you started in the first place.


Students chose to learn a foreign language for many different reasons. For some, it offers new opportunities for career advancement. For others, they are eager to move to a country where that language is spoken and take in a whole new culture. These are just a few of the most common things that motivate people to start this journey, though there are many more.


When you’re having a difficult day or questioning yourself, think back to the reason, or reasons, that motivated you to start this process in the first place. Chances are, those are still valid reasons to keep moving forward.


2) Try a fun activity.


Inject new life into your studying routine by thinking of new ways to practice reading, listening to, writing, or speaking the language. If you’re learning English, go out to the movies to see the latest feature film. You’ll be practicing your skills while doing something enjoyable. Or if you’re a fan of social media, hop on your favorite site to see what your friends and favorite businesses are up to. Purchase a magazine that is based on a topic you’re interested in — celebrity gossip, cooking, travel, interior design, sports, or just about any other topic you could imagine!


3) Look up a hobby or area of interest on the Internet.

The Internet is a valuable educational tool for students who are learning English. There are news articles, self-published blog posts, instructional videos, online dictionaries, and dozens of other kinds of content, and all just a click away. If you like science fiction, check out what books are being released in the category and read the early reviews. Or if you’re interested in building a robot, look for how-to videos from people who have been through the process themselves. There are countless online resources that can provide fascinating information about a hobby or interest you have, while also helping you develop your language skills.

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