We Are New York – A Web Program that Involves ESL Examples in Real-Life Situations

ESL teachers and students are always looking for different resources to use when trying to teach or learn the language. For those teaching or learning in New York City, an excellent resource is the program known as We Are New York. This is a television program that was created to help immigrants to the United States practice English while simultaneously teaching them the about the resources the city offers.

Episodes from the television show can be seen Friday nights at 10pm and on Sunday afternoons at 1pm. The program airs on NYCTV. Episodes can also be viewed on the program’s website at anytime of the day. If you have an iTunes account, you can download episodes of the show to your account and watch them on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

The Mayor’s Office of Adult Education and the City University of New York, Office of Academic Affairs created the television program. Each episode is different from week to week, and it features examples of using English in real-life scenarios. The scenarios that are played out in the episodes include talking to a child’s teacher, speaking with a doctor, making a phone call to schedule an appointment, and much more.

We Are New York also has a Community Project that runs free conversation groups throughout the city. The leaders of the groups are volunteers who receive training and are then placed into community organizations to help attendees. During the meetings, the volunteer teachers use episodes of the show to help teach the attendees English. Check out these great programs for additional ways to use English outside of the classroom.

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