New York City Remains A Melting Pot Of Cultures And Ethnicities

If you want to study ESL in New York, get ready to meet people from around the world. As the most populous city in the United States, NYC has a population of more that 8 million people within the city limits alone. Reports claim that 36% of the city’s population were born in foreign countries! Immigrants today come from many different countries, with some of the top ones being the Dominican Republic, China, Jamaica, Guyana, Mexico, Ecuador, and Haiti.

Many students come to study ESL in New York on a shorter term basis but then choose to stay for a longer period after falling in love with the city. When you move here, you might even meet people from your home country. Areas such as Chinatown and Little Italy can give you an authentic taste of home.

According to the 2005 census, the largest ethnic groups within NYC are African or Caribbean, Puerto Ricans, Italians, West Indians, and Dominicans. There is also a strong Asian presence throughout the city, with nearly 660,000 Chinese immigrants alone. According to reports, 170 languages are spoken in NYC. This means that when you come to study ESL in New York you will no doubt be hearing lots of other languages being spoken as well!