Learn English Faster Through Movies, Music, and TV

The best way to start learning English as a second language is to engage with popular culture. When you’re looking to work or study abroad, you can often learn language more effectively when you listen to music and watch movies and television shows in English.

In a classroom environment, you are usually taught to speak in the more formal version of a language. However, when you travel to English speaking countries, natives rarely speak that way. It can be incredibly daunting to a student, even if they have completed years of study, to communicate casually with native English speakers. The pronunciation of words, the pace of the speech, and idioms (or phrases that have a figurative rather than literal meaning) can make communicating difficult. The best way to learn more natural patterns of speech is to watch movies and television. This gives a student learning English as a second language greater insight into how to communicate. It can even teach you things like humor and regionalized phrases. Music is also great, especially when it comes to learning pronunciation. With longer vowels and rhyme, you can get a better sense of how a word is pronounced.

While it is important to take classes to properly learn English as a second language, taking time to explore popular culture will be highly beneficial. You’ll not only pick up the language faster, you’ll also get to know the culture, which is one of the most important things when traveling, studying, or working in a new place. There are different movies and tv shows that provide different levels of difficulty with the English language, so don’t hesitate to do your research and look over tv shows and movies that have helped others with their linguistic skills.