3 Activities You Must Experience in New York City During The Holidays

If you’re learning English in New York City during the winter, get ready for a truly magical experience. The whole city undergoes a transformation during the month of December, especially, when Christmas and Hanukkah are on everyone’s minds. No matter your religious beliefs, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take in the annual festivities that bring new life to “the city that never sleeps.” Here is a list of just three of the many activities you can take advantage of when learning English in New York City during the holidays!


1) See the famous department stores all decked out in lights

You know those famous New York City department stores you’ve seen in old movies? Well, they really exist, and they’re at their most impressive during the holidays. Be sure to go and see their elaborate indoor holiday displays showcasing gifts and decorations for the season. You can use this as an opportunity for learning English by reading all the signs and expanding your vocabulary. The real attractions, though, are the impressive rows of decorative lights that they put up during this time of year. They decorate with thousands, or maybe even millions, of tiny decorative lights—and that makes quite an impression!


2) Go ice skating at Bryant Park Ice Rink

Whether you are an experienced ice skater or have never given it a try, there is no better place to do it than at Bryant Park. This scene has been shown in countless Hollywood movies and is a must-visit place for locals and tourists during the holiday season. And the best part of all? It’s completely free! They even offer lessons if you’d like to learn some tips from a professional.


3) Visit Radio City Music Hall

Have you heard of The Rockettes? They are a dancing troupe known for their legendary dance moves. They have been around for 85 years, and there’s even a traveling version of the show that visits venues throughout the whole United States. These ladies are known for their impressive, coordinated moves that showcase their long legs! But don’t worry, this is a family-friendly show. Even if you can’t get to a performance, make sure to check out the building and take some pictures of the famous night-time lights.