Finding the Right Place to Live in New York City

When students prepare to come to New York City to study, one of their primary concerns is finding a place to live. Although this is the largest city in the United States, locating the proper housing can be challenging to someone just learning English for the first time. However, there are many different resources you can use to make finding the perfect place much easier. From using apartment hunting agencies that can find places for you, to American Language Communication Center housing, there is no shortage of options.

The first recommendation for starting your housing search is to set a budget. Knowing what funds you have available for rent will allow you to eliminate apartments that are priced too high. Also, knowing where your classes are going to be located while you are learning English at your new school is important. Choosing an apartment on the other side of the city could lead to a long daily commute, so it is best to look for places in the area of your school.

Using the services provided by apartment agencies can be very helpful. These agencies can do all the legwork for you. They will find suitable places in your specified area that are in your price range, and they may even take you to see them. They can also help you fill out the proper applications and contracts, as well as explain to you the terms of your lease in an easy to understand manner.

Another option for those unfamiliar with the city is ALCC housing. More like a dormitory, this type of housing gives you the opportunity to live in a safe and convenient place near your classes. You can choose to live in a single room or with others who are also in the city learning English. The living arrangements are provided while you are in school and sometimes meals are also included.

No matter where you choose to live it is smart to bring items from home with you. This can make your new living space feel more comfortable and help cure potential homesickness.