Creative English Education

Taking classes to learn English is one of the easiest ways to help acquire knowledge about the most common universal language. It can sometimes be difficult for ESL teachers to maintain a fresh perspective and introduce new ideas in unusual ways to their students. Studies have shown that implementing creative didactics with conventional curriculum lesson plans can help people learn a new language faster and retain the information longer. Here are a few ways you can expand the horizons of your class.

1) Use technology to your advantage. Instead of banning iPods and smartphones, utilize these resources to promote language learning with podcasts. There are many great ESL podcasts available that can help students expand their knowledge even after they leave the classroom.

2) Use celebrities as an inspiration. Many ESL students say they join classes to learn English because they want to better understand the lyrics to their favorite pop songs or movies. Use this attraction to movies and music and bring in a CD or DVD to help stimulate learning.

3) Switch roles. Allow your students to pretend they are the teachers one day and create a curriculum based on the way they think it should be taught. Give them freedom and you may be surprised at their creativity.

4) Start a conversation club. One of the best ways to stimulate learning and comprehension is to engage in regular conversation in the language that you are trying to learn. Get students together once a week with speakers who are fluent in English to support their efforts.

By using a little creativity, you can easily introduce interesting teaching methods into your classroom. This could stimulate more students to seek out classes to learn English and help your current students enjoy their classroom time even more.

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