3 Ways That Facebook Can Better Your English Skills

The Internet has given students many new ways to learn English and practice it in their everyday life. One of the things students can use online to enhance their language studies is Facebook. You might think this fun social networking website is just about making friends and casually chatting with others, but it can actually be a tool to learn English. Time on Facebook provides an opportunity to see the language being used and to practice your writing skills. Here are 3 ways you can use the popular website as a learning tool:

1) Study the differences between what people post and businesses post.

Make sure you’re looking at both business and individual pages to gain a better understanding of how people use the language in casual and formal voices. In individual posts, you’re likely to see typos and other errors. Test yourself to identify as many errors as you can while reading an individual’s comments, and look things up when you’re unsure.


2) Strive for perfection in all your writing.

While you will see many mistakes on other people’s walls, try to make every post or comment you make error-free. Remember, you’re just writing a few words, or a few sentences at most, so it’s not difficult to strive for perfection. This approach of practicing your writing skills in shorter, bite-sized pieces is a great way to learn English skills.


3) Get online when you don’t have the energy to study.

One key benefit of using Facebook is that it’s fun. Your brain doesn’t feel like it’s studying a language; instead, it feels like you’re doing something enjoyable. Use this feeling to your advantage by reserving your Facebook time for night time or when you don’t have the energy to study. You will be practicing your skills without having to break out the books and focus heavily on a particular lesson or topic.