Celebrities Inspire ESL Students Around the Globe

Many English as a Second Language schools have popular celebrities like Rihanna to thank for the renewed interest in ESL courses and language learning success. A recent study performed by Kaplan International Colleges showed that participants indicated they wanted to learn English in order to better understand her lyrics. Lyrics to Rihanna’s songs were a more popular reason than those of any other pop musician around the world. Eminem was the top male musician in the survey with 7% of students indicated they wanted to learn English in order to understand what the controversial rap star was saying.

Of the 1,200 people that the international college polled, over half of them indicated that they wanted to learn English in order to understand a celebrity, many of them singers. While this may seem surprising for some, most would argue that the results are completely understandable. Increased enrollment in ESL courses could simply reflect the fact that music is a universal language. It’s understandable that people would like to know the lyrics to their favorite songs.

President Barack Obama was the most popular non-musician who inspired individuals to enroll in ESL courses. The American President is an important international icon that shapes policies that affect many countries around the world. In this way, students of ESL classes are acknowledging the importance of our language with regard to business relations, politics, and personal communication.

No matter the reason, students are enjoying great benefits and enhanced learning with English classes around the world. Learn more about what your favorite pop singer or politician has to say by taking a class that teaches you the nuances of this complex and rewarding language.

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