A Student’s Guide to a Memorable Day in New York City

Students who are learning a foreign language may find themselves so busy that a free day is rare. When you have the chance, try this fun itinerary!

POST: Students who are enrolled in ESL school in New York City are often so busy that they forget to take advantage of all the city has to offer. But it’s important to get out and see your language in action, learn how people speak naturally and use language in everyday life. Furthermore, students need a day of fun every now and then to recharge their batteries and take a day off from ESL school. Check out this action-packed itinerary that will help you make the most of just one day in New York City.

First, start your day off the way the locals do. There’s nothing more NYC than a delicious breakfast of a bagel and coffee. You can find an authentic bagel shop at nearly every corner. And don’t forget the coffee—it’s absolutely necessary to get your day off to a good start!

Next on the agenda is a visit to one of the city’s art museums. There are multiple options to choose from, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as “The Met,” or the Guggenheim Museum. Both are highly respected as leading art museums at an international level, so you can’t go wrong.

After exploring one of the museums, eat lunch the typical New York way—on the street! Try a slice of New York-style pizza, a hot dog, sausage, or another meal that looks good at any one of the dozens of street vendors. You just might be surprised at how delicious lunch from a corner food cart or food truck can be!

Once you’re done with lunch, set aside some time for shopping. Whether you want to visit the high-end luxury stores in Manhattan or unique, small boutiques in Greenwich Village, is all a matter of taste. Even if you don’t make a single purchase, you’ll have fun seeing the interesting things that are for sale in this vibrant city.

When nighttime comes around, there’s one thing you just can’t miss, and that’s Broadway. There are many different shows to consider, as well as prices for every budget. Each student who comes to ESL school simply must see at least one performance on Broadway. No trip to New York City is complete without it!