Enjoying Fall in NYC

Many students decide to study ESL in New York as the city is a great place to improve your language skills. There’s no better way to learn a new language than to immerse yourself in a place where it is spoken, and New York offers no shortage of exciting opportunities to learn and have fun at the same time. When fall comes and the temperature starts to cool, New Yorkers are excited to get out on the town after a long, hot summer.

If you want to seriously study ESL in New York, use every opportunity to improve your language skills. New Yorkers are quite sociable, and you can meet new friends as you practice your conversational language skills. It’s a huge city, so don’t be afraid to get out and explore. Many people hit hot spots like Times Square and Central Park. The park is particularly beautiful in the fall, and this time of year is great for long strolls through the city streets. During the cooler evenings, it’s always fun to see a Broadway production. Tickets can be expensive, but you can often purchase discounted student tickets for many shows.

From stargazing on the recently constructed High Line in Chelsea to sampling local produce at Goold Orchards annual Apple Fest in Shodack, there’s so much to do in New York City when autumn rolls around. Whether your plan is to study ESL in New York for a short period of time or you’re looking to get a student visa for a longer stay, get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather while it’s here!