Develop Your Language Skills By Learning How To Tell Jokes

Students who come to the United States to learn English are prepared for lots of hard work. They know that there will be lots of time in the classroom, at-home practice, and many verbal and written exercises. But learning how to tell and understand jokes can be a fun and easy way to learn English!


Jokes are a fun part of any culture that everyone enjoys. They’re used in academic environments, in the workplace, at home, and just about everywhere you can imagine. By learning the art of joke-telling in English, you’ll be able to feel more comfortable in all of these environments. You’ll be able to laugh alongside your friends and new acquaintances, as opposed to wondering what it is that everyone is laughing about.


Another benefit of learning jokes is that you’ll be able to blend in with your peers and show that you share a common appreciation for humor. It is also an excellent exercise in learning the dual meaning of words or how a confusing sentence structure may affect the meaning of what’s being said. Here are just a few funny jokes to demonstrate how you can learn English through humor.


Woman: You would be a good dancer except for two things.

Man: What are the two things?

Woman: Your feet.


Do you see how this example is funny? And do you see how the words “two things” can have two different meanings? This is a lesson in sentence structure and English language comedy! Here’s another joke to try, told as a mini story:


After finishing a physical exam, the doctor says to her patient, “You are very sick.” The patient replies, “Can I get a second opinion?” The doctor looked at the patient for a moment and says, “Yes, you are also ugly.”


Do you see what makes this joke funny? Are you familiar with the phrase “second opinion?” This is a common term used throughout the country when patients want to see another doctor for another opinion but the joke uses its other meaning, an additional opinion, and the doctor provides another, unrelated, opinion. Jokes like this help you gain a greater understanding of the language while having a little fun, too!