How to Impress Potential Employers

When many foreign students arrive in the US to learn English, they often don’t identify the strengths they possess that make them valuable employees. If you’re preparing your resume or planning for a job interview in America, identify which skills and experiences are your best attributes, and learn how to speak confidently and concisely about them. The ability to present yourself in a professional manner is often even more important than the contents of your resume.

The US is incredibly diverse, and companies value employees who can provide a unique perspective. Bilingualism is highly regarded by most employers, and your interest in learning and perfecting a 2nd language says a lot about you as a candidate. Also, there are many jobs out there that demand bilingual proficiency. Whether you’re looking to learn English and improve your language skills on the job or you’re already quite proficient, consider applying for a customer service position where bilingualism is a requirement.

Even if you have a great deal of work experience, networking to put yourself in a position to succeed is always helpful. Take the time needed to get to know others in your field and ask your peers about any job opportunities. If you’re persistent and make the most of the chances you’re given, it will help you to take the next step forward in your career. Your commitment to learn English and work in the US will have personal and professional benefits that will serve you well for years to come. Good luck job seekers!


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