Great Apps to Help You Learn English

In a digitally connected world such as ours, there are millions of apps for almost anything you can imagine. The same holds true for both teachers and students of ESL. Here are some of the best apps available.

1. The English Learning – Pronunciation App for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is free. It’s an easy and effective way to learn the 52 sounds of the English language. It also gives you detailed animations of how to move your mouth, jaw and tongue to make certain sounds. Equally as impressive is the app’s ability to offer comparative words.

2. ESL Express – Words Frequently Confused Lite – This app lists words that frequently confuse ESL speakers. Arranged in alphabetical order, the words contain definitions and examples. This app is free and thus contains limited words. Pay a few dollars and you can upgrade the full version which has more than 2,150 words.

3. Idioms Lite – This free app offers a wide range of idioms to search and examine. It is a great way for people who already know the English language but want to improve. It’s perfect for foreign students who want to attend college in America.

4. Accent Pro Review – This app is the world’s first English accent and pronunciation video training app for Apple products. When you open the app you can learn how to better sound out English words, record your own voice, and take notes. It’s a must have for an ESL student.

5. ESL-Daily English – This app provides the user with daily episodes of English language training podcasts. You can chose between beginner, intermediate and advanced settings, then translate the description of each episode into your own language.

6. Conversational ESL Lesson 1 – This app simulates conversations inside a restaurant setting. When you launch the app you are immersed into an interactive story in which you actually practice conversational skills. To restart the story simple type RESET as often as you wish.

7. Conversational ESL Lesson 2 – This app is an offshoot of Conversational ESL Lesson 1 app above. However, instead of simulating a conversation in a restaurant, this mobile web simulation urges you to practice conversation with a friend planning a picnic. You can discuss what food items to bring, the weather, the location and more. Like the first app, you can also type RESET and start over as often as you wish.

8. Reading Bee ESL English – With this app you are about to experience the evolution of language learning. Never before has learning a language been as easy, fun or as engaging. This app is designed to be interactive with more than 10,000 podcasts of English lessons from native speakers. Simply hit play, listen, and speak back into the phone.

9. Johnny ESL – This app is the only one on the list that you must pay for. The good news? It’s only .99 cents. Essentially, this is an ESL book app for students who want to improve their English through speaking, listening, reading and grammar tips. Each dialogue is read by Johnny, your hand held personal English teacher.

10. LearnEnglish: NewsSeeds – This app is very useful for anyone who wants to practice English as their second language. The free app offers a variety of newsfeeds, local events, and stories that you can translate into various languages, look up definitions and more. Don’t pass this up.

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